Our Process

Regardless of a client’s situation, purchasing insurance through Silver Pine Insurance Partners is a four step process, which we’ve outlines below.

step one


We feel strongly that to provide the highest level of service to our clients and their families we need to begin by understanding their full financial picture, focusing on their individual and unique goals. Typically during our first meeting with clients we are focused solely on learning as much as we can about the people we are working for and what they are hoping to accomplish.

step two

Case design

Once Silver Pine Insurance Partners has a full understanding of the client’s situation and objectives we’ll go out to the insurance marketplace to determine the best  insurance products and insurance companies that a client might have to choose from. We are NOT employees of an insurance carrier, meaning we have no obligation to provide any particular product to clients.  We are independent and can therefore decide with and/or on behalf of our clients which solutions will best meet our clients needs.

step three


After selecting the best product and carrier, a client will move into the implementation phase where a formal application will be taken. After which some level of underwriting will be conducted by the insurance carrier or a third party. Silver Pine Insurance Partners will work on behalf of clients to ensure that this process moves as smoothly as possible. If at the end of the process the insurance company makes an offer to insure than we will assist clients in resolving any outstanding requirements and obtaining their insurance policy as quickly as possible.

step four

Follow up and review

Long after policies are obtained and client’s goals have been met, our clients hear from us. We feel it is important to stay in touch and from time to time review and if necessary update any insurance plans as client situations change all the time. 

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